Tutoring Therapy Services

Remote Personalised Online Specialized Instruction

Tutoring Therapy Services

At DYSinct Learners we recognize the distinct challenges faced by students with dyslexia and their families. We are committed to positively impact the lives of these extraordinary learners. Our mission is straightforward: to offer outstanding online tutoring services that enable dyslexic students to excel academically, enhance their self-esteem, and fully realize their potential.

Personalised Online Specialized Tutoring

dyslexia-dyslexia intervention and tutoring-dyslexia intervention and tutoring

Discover exceptional online tutoring tailored for struggling students and students with Specific Learning Differences of Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia.

Our dedicated Specialists and tutors provide highly personalized, in-depth support to enrich your child’s educational experience.

What we Teach

    • Reading and Spelling
    • Vocabulary and Comprehension
    • Verbal Communication
    • Writing
    • Math
    • Study Skills
    • Executive Functioning Skills

Individualized Online Tutoring

Each student benefits from our focused approach, ensuring they receive the personalized attention required to excel.

Tailored Learning Experiences

We continuously adjust our teaching methods and monitor progress, allowing us to customize lessons according to your child’s specific learning needs.

Proven Techniques

We employ research evidence based methodologies such as Orton-Gillingham, Wilson Reading System, Barton, Lindamoodbell specially designed for overcoming Language-Based Learning Disabilities, including dyslexia and dysgraphia.

Engaging Multi-Sensory Instruction

Our interactive lessons incorporate multiple senses to deepen learning. Through innovative gamification, we make learning enjoyable and relevant, helping students strengthen their reading skills in an engaging setting.

Our Tutors

We understand that a strong rapport between your child and their tutor is crucial for making significant progress. Contact us today, and we will ensure your child is paired with the perfect tutor to meet their unique needs.

How Does the Online Tutoring therapy work?

Services are exclusively provided on a one-to-one basis, utilizing research and evidence based methodologies administered by qualified tutors who are specially trained.

We start from where the student needs help, providing a focused and efficient learning experience.

Thanks to modern technology, we provide online tutoring to students around the world providing convenient, flexible one-on-one instruction that saves time and allows for consistent learning from any location, enhancing progress and retention from the comfort of home.

Requirements for an online session:

    • A quiet place
    • Strong internet connection
    • A webcam & microphone
    • Headphones (optional)