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Empowering Schools & Educators with Expert Support and Proven Strategies

Educators & School

At DYStinct Learners, we understand the unique challenges schools and educators face in supporting students with dyslexia and other learning difficulties. Our comprehensive services offer evidence-based strategies, expert guidance, and personalized support to enhance your instructional methods and help every student thrive. Partner with us to navigate IEP meetings, implement effective interventions, and create an inclusive learning environment that empowers all students to succeed.

Schools & Educational Institutions

dyslexia intervention and tutoring

Let us assist you!

We can support individual schools and teachers in:

  • Academic testing to assist in determining intervention and class placements
  • Choosing appropriate accommodations and modifications for students with a learning difference or medical diagnosis
  • Resources for specialized intervention that provide students with academic support while allowing them to remain in the mainstream setting
  • Professional development in cutting-edge strategies and best practices for educating all kinds of learners