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advocate for child with dyslexia

How to Advocate for Your Child with Dyslexia in the School System

May 5, 2024

Archives The path through education for a child with dyslexia can be difficult to navigate, but it is important to advocate effectively on their behalf. You can significantly impact your child’s educational journey by knowing what you are entitled to, using resources available to you, and working with teachers in the school system. Learn about Dyslexia Start off by building …

early detection of dyslexia

The Importance of Early Detection of Dyslexia: What to Look For

May 1, 2024

Archives Spotting dyslexia in a child’s early years can set them up for success with interventions that greatly enhance educational outcomes. Not only does early identification help to tailor teaching methods according to individual requirements, but it also reduces the emotional and academic difficulties that children may face. You need to know here about recognizing dyslexia in its early stages …

dyslexia intervention and tutoring

Decoding Dyslexia: Understanding the Basics

April 1, 2024

Archives Dyslexia is a word that most people have heard of but only a few understand it beyond the label. This blog post aims to define what dyslexia means, how it affects learning and schooling systems as well as debunk some widely held myths about this condition. What is Dyslexia? According to DSM-5, dyslexia is a specific learning disorder in …