Parent Advisory & Support

Empowering Your Advocacy with Expert Guidance and Proven Tools

Parent Advisory & Support

At DYStinct Learners, we recognize your hopes and aspirations for your child. Watching them face difficulties with reading and other academic activities can be distressing.

Managing IEP meetings and navigating the complexities of the special education system to advocate for your child’s needs can often be overwhelming and stressful.

Parent Advisory & Support

dyslexia-dyslexia intervention and tutoring-dyslexia intervention and tutoring

Let us support you through our consulting services!

DYStinct Learners can help support parents in the following areas:

  • Better understanding evaluation and school reports
  • Individual Educational Plan Review (IEP) and Development
  • Recommending Accommodations and advice on advocating with the school
  • Attend IEP meetings virtually alongside you
  • Advise on how to navigate the special education process
  • Recommend Assistive Technology options

At DYStinct Learners you are getting experts in special education, accommodations, and intervention services.

Our specialists can help you by guiding you to ask the right questions, clarifying unfamiliar terms and topics, and support you in securing the most effective combination of services and support for your child.