Assess your child's Strengths and Challenges for Academic Success

Academic Assessments

Dystinct Learners offers parents different options for assessments. These different options will assist in understanding the unique learning profile of your child and enable you to be better prepared to support them.

We offer screeners, diagnostic evaluations and intervention placement tests.

At DYStinct Learners, we are dedicated to providing thorough assessments and guiding parents through every step —from initial evaluation to understanding the results and implementing a customized action plan. We do more than just diagnose; we help parents chart a course for their child's educational success.


dyslexia intervention and tutoring

Research shows that 70% of those reading below average in 1st grade will still be reading below average in 8th grade. (Landerl & Wimmer, Valas, 1999, 2008, Moats L. C., & Dakin, K. E. (2008))

Early literacy identification makes early literacy intervention possible.

Don’t wait.

Take the step to help your child improve their reading and catch them before they fail. Complete any of these screeners and let us help you interpret them and plan for the next steps to support your child.

dyslexia intervention and tutoring

Dyslexia Test: A Non-diagnostic Risk Screener

Screening can identify indicators of dyslexia. Research shows that early and appropriate intervention leads to the most successful outcomes.

dyslexia intervention and tutoring

Free dyslexia pre-screener for Ages 5-7

Early identification is essential because dealing with dyslexia in the first years of school is the most effective way to help.

Diagnostic Evaluation

dyslexia intervention and tutoring

Let us support you to understand the learning challenges affecting academic, social, and professional success of your child.

What can this evaluation formally identify?

    • Dyslexia
    • Dyscalculia
    • Dysgraphia
    • ADHD

What Areas are Covered?

The battery of tests varies depending upon the nature of the need and referral. It may include:

  • Cognitive skills, such as intellectual, logical thinking, language, and memory
  • Academic skills, such as reading, writing, and math
  • Attention and executive functioning skills
  • Emotional-social-behavioral
  • Visual/motor coordination, auditory processing, and other areas related to learning

Convenient Online Testing

Experience the convenience and accuracy of our online testing, which allows you to evaluate your child’s language skills from your own home with the same level of professionalism as in-person assessments. Our services minimize schedule disruptions and eliminate the need for travel, providing flexibility to accommodate your family’s routine. With our secure and precise testing methods, you can trust in reliable, tailored results. Additionally, we offer parents access to a network of educational psychologists and qualified assessors, ensuring you have a choice of experts to best meet your child’s needs.

How it Works

1. Initial Consultation
At the initial consultation, we will gather some background information and hold some interviews with the parents to understand the history, child development, and concerns.

2. Comprehensive Assessment
A comprehensive evaluation will take place spreading through multiple sessions working at the pace of your child.

3. Review of Comprehensive Report
A feedback session is scheduled with the educational psychologist or qualified assessor to take you through the results of the assessments and attend to any queries and clarifications you may have ensuring your full understanding of the results and their implications.

We will discuss the actionables and work with you to develop a tailored plan that bests supports your child for growth and success.

Intervention Placement Assessment

dyslexia intervention and tutoring

Our Assessment Process

After your initial consultation, we take the time to understand your child’s specific learning requirements and explore how we can assist. The subsequent step in our assessment process is crucial for developing a customized plan that will support your child’s academic success.

Online Assessment Session

Your child will participate in an online evaluation session lasting between 45 to 90 minutes, conducted by a skilled assessor from our Learning Experts team. This assessment aims to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses in critical areas of learning.

Customized Lesson Plan

Following the assessment, our team will analyze the results and craft a personalized lesson plan tailored to meet your child’s specific needs and support their academic growth. We understand that each student is unique, and our customized approach is designed to foster their success.

Post-Assessment Parent Appointment

We value keeping parents informed and engaged in their child’s educational progress. After the evaluation, we will arrange a 30-minute meeting with you to discuss the customized plan devised to boost your child’s academic confidence and provide the necessary support to help them catch up and excel in school.

At the DYStinct Learners, we are committed to ensuring your child’s academic achievement. Our thorough assessment process is the first step towards providing the tailored support your child needs to thrive academically.