Reading instruction

Reading Instruction

Structured, research verified, reading interventions that target phonemic awareness, orthographic processing, oral reading fluency, and spelling. Combining the best elements of Seeing Stars scope and Orton Gillingham methods helps our students make huge gains, quickly.

Math Instruction

Math is many skills working in concert. Our Math tutoring works to get to the root of great Math skills. Our tutoring helps build number sense, spatial sense, measurement skills, estimation, pattern recognition, and problem solving, then helps students apply those skills to the work they are expected to do at grade level.

Comprehension Instruction

Oral language is the backbone of reading comprehension so when we teach Visualizing and Verbalizing, we ensure that our students can explain what they are reading. This translates into richer writing and easily answering questions about what they read.

Executive Function Support

Staying organized is a teachable skill like academics. Our structured program helps students with thinking and planning ahead, time management, thinking in an organized way, staying on top of homework, and material management so you can nag less, and laugh more.

Our Approach

Teletherapy: Online Tutoring

Thanks to modern technology, we provide online tutoring to students around the world. From assessments, to instruction, to training to parent support, we do it ALL via teletherapy.

All you need is a computer, a webcam, and an internet connection and we can be up and running in no time.